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Hot Stone Massage Full Body 70 minutes $175

Mudd's Hot Stone Massage begins with a relaxing foot soak to encourage the warm relaxation process to begin. Thermotherapy is used on the energy points of the body, inducing the feeling of wellbeing and mind-body connection. Using volcanic stones in a variety of sizes, the stones adapt to all areas of ones body.  Through the use of stone placements as well as massaging techniques, a hot stone massage creates the perfect relaxation experience, encouraging the feeling of a deep tissue massage without the pressure of one.


Relaxation / Swedish Massage Half Body 30 minutes $70 Full Body 55 minutes $140

This is Mudd's classic full body massage designed to help soothe muscular tension. Using firm pressure and traditional techniques of effleurage and petrissage, your massage therapist will enhance circulation and improve overall skin tone to promote a feeling of deep relaxation.


Deep Tissue Massage Half Body 30 minutes $80 Full Body 55 minutes $155

Directed toward specific areas of tension and imbalance, Mudd's Deep Tissue Massage uses a combination of long, deep strokes to help loosen muscles and joints. The massage treats the connective tissue helping to increase your range of motion and increase circulation. This treatment is ideal for anyone with aching muscles and is the perfect solution following strenuous activity.


PREGNANCY MASSAGE (excluding 1st trimester) Half Body 30 minutes $70 Full Body 55 minutes $140

Mudd's Pregnancy Massage is performed in the traditional side line position, designed to help reduce the client's typical pregnancy discomforts. Using only certified techniques, pregnancy massage can be performed outside the first trimester, until the due date. Your body will be overcome with a sense of pure relaxation, awaiting the special moment in your life. Stomach massage is an option to relieve muscular and digestive discomforts, as well as calming overactive babies. Certain areas of the body remain untouched however for the safety of both Mother and baby.

Please note, our therapists will only perform massage on pregnant women whom are outside their first trimester. Mudd The Spa does not accept any responsibility shall this important information not be provided.